Episode thirty 2015 Catch Up

Omg, we’re back. Tyson gives Jelly a present (imported with a little help from Nikka Graff Lanzarone from The Ensemblist podcast). We talk briefly about Hamilton and The Wiz Live, proving that we have nothing of value to add to the conversation about either of those topics.Then we reflect a little on the year that was 2015 locally. Audra McDonald visited and was glorious – but did the audience behave themselves during her concert? We saw The Rocky Horror Show starring Craig McLachlan and discuss the vibe of this current iteration; Tyson talks a bit about Richard O’Brien and the recent history of the show.

Another 2015 highlight was Life Like Productions‘ City of Angels, which gives us a chance to bang on about Kellie Dickerson’s MDing, and how much we adore performers Chelsea Plumley and Amanda Harrison. We have a little… less love for Teddy Tahu-Rhodes‘ “door-like” performance in Victorian Opera’s Sweeney Todd, but Tyson enjoyed the work by Antoniette HalloranBlake Bowden and Kanen Breen.

Then we do some album talk, discussing what we’ve been listening to: The Bridges of Madison CountyFar From Heaven and A Chorus Line remastered.

Additional Show Notes:
We’re obsessed with The Lights of Broadway Show Cards.
Simon ‘Man In Chair’ Parris’s review of The Rocky Horror Show.
Amanda Harrison really *is* awesome on Twitter.
Tom Willis did the great lighting for City of Angels.

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
File size: 33MB
Duration: 49 minutes


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