Episode twenty-one Bernadette Peters / Mandy & Nathan / Coriolanus

BIG SHOW! First Up: Bernadette Peters in Concert! We’re a little worried that Bernadette seemed tired and sad. Then: Mandy Patinkin and Nathan Gunn together with Mandy’s sweat rag in late 2013. Next: Matthew Robinson’s original Australian musical Atlantis featuring Kellie Rode, Lucy Durack,Gareth Keegan and Bert LaBonte. Tyson loved the MTC’s production of Lally Katz’s Neighbourhood Watch. And hey, Wicked is back in Australia! Tyson saw a preview. The show has dated a little, but we’re excited about Reg Livermore as the Wizard and Jemma Rix is fabulous as ever. Finally, a trip back over the pond: Jelly and Sarah Dollard review Tom Hiddleston, Hadley Fraser and co. in Josie Rourke’s amazing production of Coriolanus at the Donmar. Sarah reveals her ‘Schrödinger’s Douchebag’ theory about meeting actors you love, and Jelly sets some homework.

Additional Notes
Jelly endorses the highly entertaining Broadway-based podcast The Ensemblist.
The gorgeous Kellie Rode has a website
Bridges of Madison County – take me inside you! (ew.)
Lucy Osborne was the designer whose work we reviewed in Coriolanus.
And Emma Laxton was the sound designer.
Can we please get Pamela Rabe into the role of Volumnia?!

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
Special guests: Sarah Dollard (@snazdoll)
File size: 34MB
Duration: 56 minutes


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