Episode twenty-three 2014 Tony Awards / Supergirly / David Campbell

Time for our Tonys Takedown! This year’s ceremony was a little lacklustre. It lacked… lustre. Tyson has three dot points on Sting alone. But we enjoyed Idina, Les Mis, Hedwig, Sutton, Audra, and the Carole King/Jessie Mueller show. Then Tyson reports back on the excellent Supergirly: Return of the Pop Princess. He was also lucky enough to see the recent John Bucchino and David Campbell show and we discuss the intersection of those two careers. Jelly saw Wicked and loved Reg Livermore and incredible US import Lilli Cooper. Some further discussion on stage dooring practices ends the show.

Additional Notes
Sting – best weird celebrity clap.
David Campbell Sings John Bucchino, available from the ABC Shop, and iTunes.
We’ve also screengrabbed Rosie O’Donnell’s resting bitchface, for those who care.

Rosie O'Donnell at the 2014 Tony Awards

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
File size: 38MB
Duration: 63 minutes


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