Episode nine Adam Guettel in Concert / Our Guilty Favourites

This week it’s an all-out lovefest for the exceptional talent of Tony Award-Winning Broadway composer and member of music theatre royalty, Adam Guettel. We talk about our experiences at his recent Melbourne Cabaret Festival show, and why we adore The Light in the Piazza and Floyd Collins. We’ve also got lots of love for his accompanist, conductor and MD Kim Grigsby, and his delightful fellow performer Haley Bond. Then we discuss our Musical Theatre Guilty Pleasures: those musicals you know are pretty cheesy and embarrassing, but dammit you just can’t help loving dat show. Tyson has some respectable affection for Maltby and Shire’s Big: The Musical, while Jelly’s guilty pleasure is almost too shameful to admit (two words: Phil. Collins.).

Additional notes:
Wow, look at this video of Adam Guettel interviewing Stephen Sondheim. This is an absolute must watch. *sniff*
Haley Bond sings ‘Through the Mountain’. (Love you forever Haley.)
Aaron Lazar in The Light in the Piazza.
Making It Big: The Diary of a Broadway Musical by Barbara Isenberg.

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)

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2 Comments on Episode 9

  1. Adam Guettel

    Hey Jelly,

    I just listened to your podcast. Thanks for taking the time to do it and I’m so glad you came to the show. I remember you vividly and would never have, at any point, knowingly treated you with disrespect or “blown you off” because you didn’t have your own copy of a score of mine. As you said in the podcast, there was quite a press of people in the lobby and quite a lot of noise. I may not have heard you ask me to sign Tyson’s score with your name. I’m sorry to have left you with a sour taste.

    I’ll send Haley a link. She’ll be thrilled to know how much you liked her.

    Adam Guettel

  2. Jelly

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you so much for listening, and for your comment!

    To clarify, I certainly didn’t feel like you had been rude or dismissive. My remarks about trying to get you to sign my name on Tyson and Nico’s score etc were intended to be poking fun at my own expense, as I am notoriously forgetful and prone to acts of idiocy. I was trying to relate my account of the evening in a way that cast you guys as patient and magnanimous superstars with me in the role of idiotic babbling fangirl. That it could be misinterpreted as me leaving the show with a ‘bad taste’ in my mouth probably a reminder to me that I shouldn’t attempt to be funny.

    I never for a second thought that you were *actually* being dismissive or rude. I imagined I had come across as an over-eager nerdgirl who had attached herself to some attractive young gentlemen and was trying to crash their party, and that you were being politely cautious 🙂

    I hope that you heard all the parts of the podcast where we spoke about how much we loved the show and your work. (I also hope very much that you stopped listening before the part about my enjoyment of Tarzan: The Musical). I hope that despite my occasionally smart-arse attitude, I adequately conveyed what an amazing evening it was and how special and privileged our interactions with you made us feel. As I said in the podcast, I was well aware of how very, very lucky we were to get to spend that time with you. It’s so rare that you get to meet a hero and that they turn out to be even more awesome than you had hoped.

    It most certainly didn’t leave me with a bad taste in my mouth, rather it left me hungry for more! We eagerly await your next visit to our “exotic” shores 🙂 and we hope that next time you will pay a visit to our show.

    I remain your most humble servant, yours etc



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