Episode thirty-one Georgy Girl / Cats / The Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public

We’re back – again! We saw the new Australian show GEORGY GIRL- THE SEEKERS MUSICAL, which we found a surprisingly pleasant experience! Tyson saw some Melbourne Theatre Company plays, LUNGS by Duncan MacMillan and THE DISTANCE by Deborah Bruce, the latter featuring two excellent performances by Katrina Milosevic and Nadine Garner. We have a visit from Margaret Paul, who went down to the junkyard to review the revival of CATS. Some general discussion regarding the weirdness of CATS follows, and Maggie gives her verdict on the new Rum Tum Tugger aka ‘rappy cat’ (thumbs down) and Delta as Grizabella (look, she tried). Then it’s time for Tyson to geek out over one of his obscure guilty pleasures, the cast recording of THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE GOES PUBLIC, while Jelly discusses the recording of the show that got her hooked on musicals, the 1989 Australian production of ANYTHING GOES.

Note: yes, Jelly does repeatedly refer to the cast recording as a ‘soundtrack’. Deal with it.

Additional Show Notes
Hal Prince on CATS – “it’s just about cats.”
Listen to ‘You Should Be In That‘ from THE BATTERY’S DOWN

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
Special Guest: Margaret Paul
File size: 36MB
Duration: 59 minutes


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