Episode fourteen I’m Your Man / Peter McTighe and Viva Forever!

Jelly reviews the play I’m Your Man, written and directed by Roslyn Oades. Then our special guest, screenwriter Peter McTighe, joins us for a cathartic deconstruction of Viva Forever, the ‘widely reviled’ Spice Girls musical. We discuss the musical based on the Aussie tv show Prisoner, and Pete tells us about the cast of the original series performing a showtunes revue that was broadcast live from a prison!

Additional Notes
Some articles about headphone verbatim.
Michael Mohammed Ahmad, an actor from I’m Your Man, wrote an interesting article for The Guardian about representations of Western Sydney in the media.Prisoner: The Musical by Peter Pinne and Don Battye.
The cast of Prisoner perform “Steam Heat” – this has to be seen to be believed!
The Bring A Plate Podcast that Tyson was a guest on.

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
Special Guest: Peter McTighe (@petemctighe)
File size: 26MB
Duration: 47 minutes


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