Episode twenty-four Sibling Revelry / Bryan Batt / Faith Prince & Anthony Warlow

We’re back like an unwanted revival of Dirty Dancing!

It’s Cabaret Night with regular guest Simon Bowden as we talk about a few evenings of cabaret we’ve attended recently.

First we all chat about sisters Liz Callaway and Ann Hampton Callaway’s glorious show Sibling Revelry at the Melbourne Recital Centre. We were particularly impressed by their incredible “Big Medley”, filled with every duet you can think of.

A few nights later we were back at the Melbourne Recital Centre for (Mad Men’s) Bryan Batt in his notably more intimate Batt on a Hot Tin Roof.

Simon went solo to see a less than satisfying duo in Faith Prince and Anthony Warlow. Reluctant and truncated performances of hits, and lack of Faith Prince wackiness (in spite of some wild eye makeup choices) formed the main grievances.

Next, Jelly goes on a wild, breathless rant about the recent/upcoming movie musicals: Jersey Boys, Annie, Into The Woods, The Last 5 Years, Lucky Stiff.

Finally, Tyson talks about his “Special Topic”, Michael Starobin’s 1992 orchestrations for Guys and Dolls, and how Starobin discovered his orchestrations were on the “broadway orchestration black market” (check out his web page on the topic). While we’re on the topic, check out the fascinating documentary about that cast recording, and the 1976 disco version of Guys and Dolls.

Hang around at the end for some outtakes (our gift for taking so long to get this to your ears).

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
Special Guest: Simon Bowden (@sj_bowden)
File size: 28MB
Duration: 46 minutes


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