Episode seventeen The 39 Steps / Children of Eden

We chat about the casting of three upcoming musicals in Australia: Les MiserablesRocky Horror and Opera Australia’s The King and I. How about that awkwardly racist casting of Teddy Tahu Rhodes as an Asian man? Jelly’s not impressed. Speaking of unimpressed, Tyson reviews Hit Productions’ The 39 Steps. Then we discussMagnormos‘ wonderful production of Stephen Schwartz’s Children of Eden, which had gorgeous performances from David Harris, Laura Fitzpatrick and Marty Rhone. We discuss what a sad loss it would be if Aaron Joyner no longer directed musicals. To keep it light we also have a religious debate, because why not.

Additional Notes
One of Tyson’s favorite obscure musicals: Shock Treatment. Here’s the trailer.
Jelly’s campaign to have Daniel Dae Kim play in The King and I starts… here! 
Here’s a crazy little tidbit – Kristin Chenoweth playing Tuptim in a 1991 production! Oh Youtube, the gifts you bring us.
Spark of Creation. What a song! And Natalie Weiss does it here.
Byron Bache at Crikey wrote an excellent piece on the problematic casting of Opera Australia’s production of The King and I. 
Yul. Brynner. Hot.
Le Roi Leon  – The French version of the Lion King! Here’s Hakuna Matata.
Flashback time! A news item from when Craig McLachlan first did Frank n furter.
And because why not – Nunsense II: The Second Coming. We see you there, Rue McClanahan.

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)
Special Guest: Simon Bowden (@sjbowden)
File size: 42MB
Duration: 72 minutes


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