Episode eleven The Last Five Years / Solomon and Marion / It Grew On Me

We talk Jason Robert Brown‘s The Last Five Years, including a chat about the recent Melbourne show by Tall Trees Productions. Then we talk about the Melbourne Theatre Company’s recent production of Solomon and Marion by Lara Foot. Then it’s time for another new category, this time It Grew On Me: shows we didn’t like when we first experienced them, but we have come to appreciate – The Full Monty (Tyson) and A Chorus Line (Jelly).

Additional Show Notes
Sherie Renee Scott sings I Can Do Better Than That.
Lauren Kennedy’s album of Jason Robert Brown songs.
An interview with Lara Foot.
Pacharo Mzembe boxing. #justsayin
Jelly does know the difference between Colored and Indian people in South Africa, she just got confusified in the moment.
Yay for Adrian Pang and Sheila Francisco in the Singaporean production of The Full Monty.
The amazing documentary Every Little Step on iTunes.
Benedict Cumberbatch does Rickman.
Donna McKechnie will break your heart and raise your eyebrows with her amazing ‘Music and the Mirror.’
Kelly Bishop owning ‘At The Ballet.’

Hosts: Tyson (@tysonarmstrong) and Jelly (@jellyjellyfish)

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64 minutes


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